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Together with the young and stoked skiers from Åre, we have developed our first model for youths. The skiers have tested and evaluated prototypes in all different kind of snow conditions with the goal to develop an all-mountain ski that combines performance with playfulness. The graphics on the skis have been worked out in a collaboration between the youths and our ski designer Örjan Vatnaland. The reason for this extensive project is that we believe that the next generation deserve as well-developed skis as offered to their parents.

The request from the youths was a ski that could carve the slopes with ease, smooth in powder and spring snow, playful skiing the trees and jumping off kickers. The result is Roots 90 an all-mountain ski where one of the key factors is a soft flex that allows young skiers to develop their skills all over the mountain.

The skis are produced at Åre Skidfabrik with same high-quality materials as all other Extrem Skis, which makes Roots 90 the worlds most advanced ski for youths.

Since the skis are soft and flexible, we recommend the same length of skis as the riders body length. If the rider is more advanced than average, or weighs more than average, you can choose a little longer ski than body length. If the rider is less advanced than average, or weighs less than average, you can choose a slightly shorter ski than body length.

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