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Blossom Flere + SL

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Designed for high level skiers. This ski has the same building and structural characteristics of racing skis, just a bit easier thanks to a different side cut with a strong central core, stability and vibrations management. The main characteristic is a strong agile side cut that makes the ski fun and very lively. The Flere turn radius gives great manoeuvrability perfect for any steepness. This ski is for tiger level skiers ski on and want a stable and precise ski. Versatile ski, suitable for short to medium radius turns, quick edge grip and good carving.

159 cm: 122 mm - 67 mm - 103 mm - R: 12 m
165 cm: 123 mm - 67 mm - 104 mm - R: 13,5 m
171 cm: 123 mm - 67 mm - 104 mm - R: 14 m

Plate: WC Pro 14
Binding: V816

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Artnr: flere158-17/18
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Artnr: flere165-19/20
Lagerstatus: Only 1 left in stock


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